Whether you are a small business sending hundreds of packages a day or a distribution center that processes thousands, here is equipment that will meet your challenge. Since 2001, LM Manutentions is recognized as a trusted source for installing complete solutions of conveying, storage, packaging and handling equipment. Today we present two new services that will help you achieve your goals of packaging, labeling and boxes marking.

Case sealing systems and case formers

Cardboard box sealing systems and cardboard cases formers systems (open / close) include various machines that are designed to prepare and to assemble the boxes that will be used to transport and identify your products. LM Manutentions counselor will assess your needs and equipment to be acquired according to:

  • the desired format (American boxes, printing, etc.),
  • the control system (manual, semi-automatic or automatic),
  • the production rate (which can vary from a few hundred to several thousand parts per hour).

Our equipment can process all types of volume according to your business needs. Stations can be easily integrated into a production line.

Labeling and automatic marking system

Labeling and marking are among the elements used to inform the consumer or the client. Marking is also a way to differentiate its products and services from the competition.

LM Manutentions printing and programmed label applications systems like: print and apply (print and apply) or the ink jet (Ink Jet), respectively guarantee a computerized automatic labeling as well as the printing on several sides of the product box. Our professional team will recommend which system to install into your production line.

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Our responsibility is to guide our clients in their choice based on their goals, their needs, their conditions of operation and their budget until the establishment of an operational, sustainable and efficient integrated handling or transport system.

For you, we evaluate the many types of available conveyors, their qualities, their possibilities and their limits as well as the reliability of their manufacturers. Our technological expertise will point you towards the conveyor or conveyors that will help you meet the challenge of transport and handling of packaged goods and heavy materials on your production line.

Our mission: to offer you an optimal range of conveyors of high quality at a competitive price. Our professionalism, customer care and after-sales support service complete our service offering.

LM Manutentions has the solution for your project!