Print and Apply Label system

LM Manutentions offers print and apply labeler applicators recognized for its superior industrial quality.

Versatile, labelers can print and apply adhesive labels directly on all types of packaging. Automated or semi-automated, efficient and flexible, our labeling systems can stick labels on stationary or moving products, aligned or not, to the vertical or horizontal as well as the desired position regardless type containers.

They offer endless possibilities for the identification and the promoting of boxes, pallets, crates, barrels and other containers used for packaging: lot numbers, expiration dates, bar codes, progressive numbering, logos and other graphics, etc.

Robust and durable, LM Manutentions labelers are made with top quality components, ensuring reliability and accuracy at all times. They are able to work in most industrial environments.

LM Manutentions Print and apply machine offers a wide range of standard and optional parameters to perform more specialized tasks. Our systems can be integrated easily into your packaging or production line to meet your specific needs.

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Our responsibility is to guide our clients in their choice based on their goals, their needs, their conditions of operation and their budget until the establishment of an operational, sustainable and efficient integrated handling or transport system.