Dynamic Storage
Carton Flow Racking System

The Racking Carton Flow storage system is an excellent solution for companies looking for an efficient and well organised system to move and store goods in their warehouse. Using gravity, the Carton Flow system eases the transit, the classification and the storage of various commodities.

Each unit consists of one or more raceways inclined according to your needs. The main advantage of this system is that the goods are better organized and easier to find. Stored items are automatically rotated on the first-in / first out rule.

This system increases productivity to prepare orders:

  • It is designed to have easy access to the product while maximizing the existing floor space.
  • The adding and picking of goods functions can be made without interference.
  • The movements are minimized compared to static storage system such as standard shelves where the staff makes a lot of unnecessary travel.

The Carton Flow racking storage system meets the needs of companies in the following fields: bottling, soft and alcoholic drinks, distribution, confectionery, stationery, printing, transportation, etc.

Let us show you how the LM Manutentions Carton Flow racking storage system can improve the storage and management of your goods and help save time and valuable money.

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