Static Storage
Drive-In/Drive-Thru Static Pallet Racks

The pallet static racking system is designed for a maximum use of storage space. Ideal for warehouses and distribution centers, they offer versatility and efficiency to maximize the use of floor space, with a minimum of traffic lanes. Forklifts penetrate inside the same structure for the products loading or unloading.

One can use two different configurations: one input system (drive-in) and two inputs system (drive-thru).

  • The storage system at a drive-in entrance enables high density storage but handling is limited to a small selection of stocks. As the first entry load is the last out, this type of solution is desirable when stored products do not deteriorate with time or when the product rotation is done regularly.
  • • The storage system with two drive-thru inputs is similar to the previous system, but the configuration can access the inventory from the front and rear of the structure, allowing more flexibility and ease for the rotation of the stored materials.


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