Dynamic Storage

The dynamic racking system FIFO (First-in / First-out) is an innovative concept that offers increased selectivity of inventory and greater productivity while maximizing the use of storage space.

The gravity force is at the center of its operation and effectiveness. From entry point to the one of picking goods, pallets traveling by rail slightly inclined with the help of speed controllers. This system offers a better items rotation because the first unit which will be stored will be the first to be pick.

In addition, FIFO racking storage system also allow optimal use of the surface and the height in the warehouse. Compared with conventional pallet racking, they can reduce by 60% the storage and handling space. Isn’t what you looking for?

They generate higher productivity through the separation of supply and order picking process.

With a very strong structure, this system is solid and highly resistant to abuse and can accommodate heavy loads. It is suitable for companies that have significant gathering activities and is particularly useful for storing perishables goods in the distribution centers for food, soft drinks or alcohol, confectionery or pharmaceutical products.

LM Manutentions offers dynamic pallet racking FIFO adaptable to your needs. Our units are available in single or double bays, multi-level, and can accommodate a large number of pallets deep.


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Our responsibility is to guide our clients in their choice based on their goals, their needs, their conditions of operation and their budget until the establishment of an operational, sustainable and efficient integrated handling or transport system.