Dynamic Storage
FILO Push Back Pallet Racking System

The FILO push back pallet racking system is designed to reduce the number of storage lanes, increase warehouse capacity and improve productivity in the dynamic inventory management.

Its operation is simple. A first pallet is placed on the upper carriage. When the second pallet has entered the shelf, it pushes the first automatically load on the second carriage and so on for the following pallets. At the gathering, the operation is done vice versa, that is to say that the system gradually brings all items to the driveway.

The dynamic FILO push back pallet racking system can store up to 10 pallets deep, depending on the weight and the product used. It allows creation of multiple control points preparation and maintenance is minimal.

The LM Manutentions professional team will present you the multiple benefits FILO push back pallet racking system and why many companies adopted this storage solution.

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