Increase your warehouse storage space by building a second floor with one or more mezzanine installed by LM Manutentions. They are built with sturdy steel structures which ensure the solidity, stability and maximum functionality.

When it becomes essential to free up floor space in order to improve productivity, suspended ceilings and concrete walkways meet all requirements. Besides storage, they can serve as location for an office, metal partitions, bridges between two rows of shelves, or simply dedicated to various work space.

Various types of installation prevail depending on whether one opts for a structural system with minimal support under the floor, or that one opts to develop the mezzanine on a pallet rack system. A variety of accessories is available to you with a choice of floors, stairs, ramps, curbs and barriers available to complement the functionality of these custom-designed systems, according to your requests.

Industrial mezzanines installed by the LM Manutentions professional team are designed to achieve considerable loads performance. They allow the installation of any additional shelving required by your activities. Shelving above and below the mezzanine is always very efficient.

Let us care to accompany you in your thoughts before starting your project.

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Our responsibility is to guide our clients in their choice based on their goals, their needs, their conditions of operation and their budget until the establishment of an operational, sustainable and efficient integrated handling or transport system.